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Slackk – Raw Missions EP Out Now (Review)

Slackk - Raw Missions EP

Paul Lynch, aka Slackk, the Liverpudlian producer and founder of the website Grimetapes, has released his latest EP ‘Raw Missions’, named after the East London pirate radio station, on Local Action Records.

Right from the very start it becomes apparent just how much Slackk has been influenced by not only the sound, but also the culture of Grime music, however given the wide variety of styles heard throughout, it would be wrong to for us to confine this EP to one singular genre and instead recognise this for the excellent piece of music it is.

Starting off with the track ‘Blue Sleet’, the EP delves straight into a frenzy of electronic synths and sqaure bass, beginning with high pitched melodies, before allowing the deep bassline that supports it, to take full control midway. Next up is the track ’90 Years’, which takes the release down a darker route, sounding reminiscent to the work of producers such as J-Sweet and Alias. After this we’re met with what sounds like the aftermath to ’90 Years’ and the destruction it caused, with the rather melancholic sounding track ‘Fat City’. The EP then, in our eyes, certainly saves the best until last and finishes with ‘Almost Transparent’, a track that captures the raw of essence of Grime music in its purest form, with its use of Eski sounds, tribal pan pipes and powerful square synths.

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Vinyl: Local Action Store | Boomkat | Chemical Records