Spooky – Best Of Grime 2011 (Presented by Kids Of Grime)

Kids Of Grime Presents - Best Of Grime - Mixed By Spooky

Kids Of Grime call upon the Spartan hit-maker Spooky to record a mix of the best tracks we’ve seen from our scene in the year of 2011. Despite some people saying Grime is dead (it seems to be a cliché these days), the scene has had an absolutely phenomenal year, from Skepta producing a Grime remix for one of the biggest artists in the US P Diddy, to seeing the return of Lord Of The Mics and the scene seeing a fresh wave of talented MCs and producers. The fact is Grime is far from dead and if anything has proved itself to a have a very solid foundation in the UK underground music scene that will continue to grow.

We could try to give you a run down of who features on this mix but we’d be here all day, so just know that if it was a hit in 2011 then it’s going to be on this mix. So sit down, turn your speakers up loud and enjoy the highlights of Grime from the past year.

Download here: Kids Of Grime x Spooky – The Best Of Grime 2011

K.O.G presents: ‘Best Of Grime 2011′ mixed by SPOOKY by KidsOfGrime

Before we wrap things up we’d like to take this time to big up Verena and everyone else involved in Kids Of Grime for the hard work they’ve put into our beloved scene last year and if you’re not familiar with them already head on over to www.kidsofgrime.com now and get to know!