Rage & Lexman – The Arrival EP Review & Interview

Rage & Lexman - The Arrival EP

There’s been a lot of releases flying about these past few weeks but today we something different, as members Rage and Lexman from Grime’s very own mafia drop ‘The Arrival EP’. Now don’t get it twisted we’re not talking about a bunch of Italian gangsters sitting round eating pasta here, we’re talking about the Slew Dem Mafia, one of Grime’s most legendary crews, so you know that you can expect nothing less than straight up greaze on this release.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from either one of these MCs, with Rage releasing ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.2′ last summer and Lex dropping his ‘Appetiser EP’ a little while afterwards, however anyone that knows about Grime will certainly know about Slew Dem, so for many this unexpected release is a real treat for all the true Grime fans out there. The only thing that could have possibly let this release down would be the beats featured on it, but since the duo have teamed up with G Tank, a producer with a countless amount of hits under his belt, already you know that there is no chance of that happening.

The EP kicks things off with the title track ‘The Arrival’ feat. Jammz on the hook, which acts as a perfect introduction and sets the pace for what is all in all a very solid release. After this the EP then dives straight into the hard-hitting track ‘We Do This’, that proves exactly what the duo are capable of when handed a straight up Grime instrumental. Next up is the track ‘P’s Up’, which takes a slightly deeper approach and expresses the hustle we all go through to make money. The EP then jumps straight back to the gritty tracks with ‘M.A.F.I.A’,that uses the instrumental also known for the Ruff Sqwad track ‘Mario Balotelli’, and the horror film inspired ‘Halloween’. After all that greaze, this release finishes on a lighter note with the club banger ‘Pop A Bottle’ and the funky-infused track ‘Give It To You’, which both provide a contrast to the grimier tracks, resulting in an EP that contains a track for every different mood.

Last week we caught up with Rage and had a quick chat about the release and what he’s been up to which you can read below.

It’s been while since the release of ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.2′, what have you been up to since then?

Since then I’ve just been working hard behind the scenes really, me and Lex have both been in studio a lot working on new material.

It’s safe to say we’ll hear more from you both over the course of the year then?

Yeah definitely, this EP is just the start of it. I’m currently working on ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.3′ as we speak, but before that comes out I’ve got a Rap release that I’m going to be dropping as a free download. Lex has also got two mixtapes he’s working on right now, one Grime and one Rap, that are going to be dropping one after the other.

The whole EP was produced by G Tank, what that something that was planned or just happened?

I’d say a bit of both really, I’ve been working with G Tank and Teedot since ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.1′ now and because we’re in studio a lot I end up hearing a lot of his new instrumentals. So although we had talked about it, it just came about naturally really.

To this day Slew Dem are still probably the most talked about crew in Grime, any chance of some new material in the future?

I don’t see why not, me and Chronik have spoken about this a couple of times actually. We’re all working on our solo projects at the moment but it’s definitely something that’s a possibility.

‘The Arrival EP’ is out now and available to buy from the Slew Dem Bandcamp page for only £1.99 so make sure you click the link below to get your hands on this release now.

Purchase here: Rage & Lexman – The Arrival EP

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