Last Japan – East EP (Review)

Last Japan - East EP

London producer Last Japan, aka Marco Guiliani, is back again, this time on Marco Del Horno’s Bullet Train Records, with his latest release, entitled the ‘East EP’.

If you’re familiar with Last Japan, then you’ll already know that his music is far from one dimensional, however if this is the first time you’re listening to him, it won’t take long for you to see this yourself. Inspired by almost every underground bass driven genre to come out of London, his music is a perfect representation of exactly that, combining Grime, Funky and Dubstep, along with UK Garage and hints of Hip Hop into his own unique style.

Starting off with what is possibly the highlight of the EP for us, we’re first introduced to the title track ‘East’, featuring the controversial Grime MC Trim. With a beat that compliments the East London MC’s intricate word play and off beat flow perfectly and a deep droning bass that seems to match the depth of his voice, it’s this what makes this track stand out as our personal favourite of the bunch. After this the EP then moves onto the three remaining tracks, ‘Y.O.U’, which features fellow London producer ‘Avrg Joe’, ‘Hidden’, a hard-hitting 140bpm Jungle track and finally ‘Ragged Man Mode’, featuring vocals from the cockney geeza Red Boy G, which all contribute, in their own way, to the excellence of this release.

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