Footsie & Tubby join forces for ‘The Grey Area’ EP

Footsie & Tubby - The Grey Area EP

With an already impressive start to the year, Braindead Ent, the label run by Footsie and DJ Tubby, recently announced the release of its forthcoming EP ’The Grey Area’, expected on both digital and 12″ format, making this the first vinyl release from the label since Footsie and Tubby’s ‘Tiger Style’ back in 2007.

As well as paying homage to their favourite Amsterdam coffee shop, Footsie and Tubby have taken the chance to use this release to showcase the label’s sounds as a whole, containing three different instrumentals from each of them, that best describes the vision behind Braindead.

With the pair’s strong reggae influences as well as their love for bass heavy music, it was no surprise to see tracks such as Footsie’s ‘Lionheart’ and Tubby’s ‘Roll ‘Em’ make an appearance, both providing the EP with enough sub bass and dub samples to keep fans happy. However this is not all the EP contains, as we’re also provided with some of the duo’s more varied productions, such as the electrifying sounds of ‘Hustling’ and distorted buzz of ‘No More 45′ featuring Dada from Footsie and Tubby’s jaw shattering ‘Real Life’ and mysterious ‘Madd One’.

Look out for this one dropping this Monday the 23rd of July, available on all good digital and vinyl outlets.