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Wiley x M.I.A – Bad Girls Remix

M.I.A - Bad Girls (Wiley Remix)

Just lately we heard news that Wiley had jumped on a remix of M.I.A’s latest single ‘Bad Girls’, which was premiered by Mistajam on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show last night.

However it seems that wasn’t the only remix floating about, as last night Wiley stated on twitter that there was another remix he had done with the Midlands producer Thomas Mellor. After looking into things a little further we then found out that the one with Thomas Mellor was in fact the original that Wiley had recorded his bars on, but somewhere down the line, Dexplicit had also created a remix, with the same vocals being used, which is the one we all heard being played on 1Xtra.

M.I.A - Bad Girls Wiley Remix

It seems Wiley was completely unaware of this, revealing on twitter that he hadn’t even heard the one with Dexplicit and that he assumed it was the original remix with Thomas Mellor that everyone was listening to last night. Now in what seems like a retailiation to the label, the Thomas Mellor remix has been leaked by the Godfather of Grime, with Mistajam tweeting “So Wiley’s leaked the version he recorded with Thomas Mellor!! When will labels learn they can’t contain Wiley?!!!”

After reading all that we imagine you are just as confused as we first were, but to sum it up in the most simplest way, it seems we have an official remix of the track featuring both Wiley and Dexplicit on the way, which you can listen to below, and the original remix with Thomas Mellor, available for free download from the link below.

Download here: M.I.A – Bad Girls – Wiley Remix (Prod. by Thomas Mellor)

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Butterz 2nd Birthday Audio & Footage

JME Butterz 2nd Birthday

Last Saturday the Butterz label celebrated their 2nd birthday at the South London nightclub Cable, with a monster line up consisting of the label bosses Elijah and Skilliam, Royal-T, Swindle, Terror Danjah, P Jam, Spooky, Marcus Nasty, Champion and D.O.K with Bruza, Riko, Ruby Lee Ryder and the Boy Better Know CEO JME on mic.

Throughout the week Butterz have been uploading various sets from the night, to give everyone who reached a chance to relive the night or to give those who didn’t a reason to make sure they attend the next one. Also check below for footage from the night, including JME performing the hit ’96 Fuckries’, in his onesie.

Royal T & Logan Sama Mar 24 2012 [Butterz & Hardrive] by BlatantlyBlunt

Butterz & Hardrive 2nd Birthday – Mar 24 2012 ft Spooky by UncleAlbertSays

Elijah & Skilliam: Live at Butterz & Hardrive – Cable London (24.03.2012) by cablelondon

Champion at Butterz & Hardrive Party – Mar 24 2012 by DummyMag

Swindle feat. G Double: Butterz & Hardrive Mar 24th 2012 by Hyponik

Download here: D.O.K ft. Bruza – Butterz 2nd Birthday Set

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Wariko – Natural Born Poet Review

Wariko - Natural Born Poet

This week we see the release of the eagerly awaited mixtape ‘Natural Born Poet’ from one of the country’s finest lyricists Wariko. What with being involved in one of the most talked about clashes on the Lord Of The Mics 3 DVD, with Grime veteran Diesle, and the release of his free download, the ‘Overtime Project’, reaching over a 1000 downloads on the first day, it’s been impossible to escape the presence of this Nottingham MC lately.

The name chosen for this project, ‘Natural Born Poet’, describes the mixtape perfectly and in more way than one. If you’ve been a fan of Wariko for a while then you’ll already be aware of what he’s capable of, however if this is the first time you are listening to his material you will notice, even after the first few tracks, that he is a true lyricist and is an artist whose words carry great depth and substance. Like we said though the title for this mixtape carries two meanings behind it and the second lies in the word natural. Although there are tracks that contain deep metaphors and meaning behind them, it is not once forced upon you and instead you are left to your own devices to determine what the lyrics mean personally to you.

Instead of a wide selection of producers featuring on ‘Natural Born Poet’, the production has been taken care of by fellow Nottingham producers BeatGeeks, who Wariko has worked with since the days of LRG back in 2008. Each instrumental on this mixtape compliments Wariko’s lyrics, with it becoming apparent that instead of just sending him beats to voice, all three have actually sat down in studio and put thought into this. The release also contains features from a handful of talented vocalists including Chloe Charlemagne, Kim Gardener, Miski, Monique Sian, Nina Smith, Kye and Kamar, as well as a track with OG’z member Desperado and another with Wretch 32.

Natural Born Poet contains 12 tracks in total with a wide range of songs on there such as the straight up Grime banger ‘Stop Da Talk’, the more deep meaningful tracks like ‘No Pain’ and the ‘Way I Am’, as well a tracks for the club such as ‘Brandy’ and ones that showcase his storytelling ability with ‘Victim of Circumstances’ Pt.1 and 2. On top of these there’s also a bonus track, which is a clip of him performing an acapella at I Luv Live.

All in all the mixtape is extremely well put together and opens your eyes to just how diverse you can make Grime, without compromising the sound and for that reason we give this release full marks. Make sure you go grab your copy now, which is available from any of the digital outlets listed below.

Purchase here:

Wariko – Natural Born Poet (Amazon)

Wariko – Natural Born Poet (iTunes)

Wariko – Natural Born Poet (Sony Entertainment)

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K1 – Apocalypse EP Out Now

K1 - Apocalypse EP

It was only three months ago we saw the first release on Spooky’s label Ghost House Records and already we are presented with the third, with K1′s ‘Apocalypse EP’.

Despite only starting out in 2009, the 18 year old producer K1, hailing from Wolverhampton, is fast becoming a recognised name in the scene and aside from releasing his debut EP, has now also become the producer for the Midlands based crew Invasion Alert. His instrumentals appear to have been heavily influenced by Grime in its early stages, which is apparent when listening to tracks such as ‘Armed Robbery’, and are based around a sound that has proven to still be in demand by Grime fans both old and new.

The EP itself contains four tracks, including the bass driven title track ‘Apocalypse’, ‘Armed Robbery’, the hard-hitting ‘H1N1′ and the  massive track ‘Streetlights’ to finish, which is our personal favourite from the EP. After talking to K1 today he also mentioned that there’s going to be a lot more material getting released this year, which includes both solo work as well as with Invasion, so keep your eyes peeled.

Purchase here:

K1 – Apocalypse EP (Juno)

K1 – Apocalypse EP (iTunes)

K1 – Apocalypse EP (Amazon)

Rage & Lexman – The Arrival EP Review & Interview

Rage & Lexman - The Arrival EP

There’s been a lot of releases flying about these past few weeks but today we something different, as members Rage and Lexman from Grime’s very own mafia drop ‘The Arrival EP’. Now don’t get it twisted we’re not talking about a bunch of Italian gangsters sitting round eating pasta here, we’re talking about the Slew Dem Mafia, one of Grime’s most legendary crews, so you know that you can expect nothing less than straight up greaze on this release.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from either one of these MCs, with Rage releasing ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.2′ last summer and Lex dropping his ‘Appetiser EP’ a little while afterwards, however anyone that knows about Grime will certainly know about Slew Dem, so for many this unexpected release is a real treat for all the true Grime fans out there. The only thing that could have possibly let this release down would be the beats featured on it, but since the duo have teamed up with G Tank, a producer with a countless amount of hits under his belt, already you know that there is no chance of that happening.

The EP kicks things off with the title track ‘The Arrival’ feat. Jammz on the hook, which acts as a perfect introduction and sets the pace for what is all in all a very solid release. After this the EP then dives straight into the hard-hitting track ‘We Do This’, that proves exactly what the duo are capable of when handed a straight up Grime instrumental. Next up is the track ‘P’s Up’, which takes a slightly deeper approach and expresses the hustle we all go through to make money. The EP then jumps straight back to the gritty tracks with ‘M.A.F.I.A’,that uses the instrumental also known for the Ruff Sqwad track ‘Mario Balotelli’, and the horror film inspired ‘Halloween’. After all that greaze, this release finishes on a lighter note with the club banger ‘Pop A Bottle’ and the funky-infused track ‘Give It To You’, which both provide a contrast to the grimier tracks, resulting in an EP that contains a track for every different mood.

Last week we caught up with Rage and had a quick chat about the release and what he’s been up to which you can read below.

It’s been while since the release of ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.2′, what have you been up to since then?

Since then I’ve just been working hard behind the scenes really, me and Lex have both been in studio a lot working on new material.

It’s safe to say we’ll hear more from you both over the course of the year then?

Yeah definitely, this EP is just the start of it. I’m currently working on ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.3′ as we speak, but before that comes out I’ve got a Rap release that I’m going to be dropping as a free download. Lex has also got two mixtapes he’s working on right now, one Grime and one Rap, that are going to be dropping one after the other.

The whole EP was produced by G Tank, what that something that was planned or just happened?

I’d say a bit of both really, I’ve been working with G Tank and Teedot since ‘Streets Of Rage Vol.1′ now and because we’re in studio a lot I end up hearing a lot of his new instrumentals. So although we had talked about it, it just came about naturally really.

To this day Slew Dem are still probably the most talked about crew in Grime, any chance of some new material in the future?

I don’t see why not, me and Chronik have spoken about this a couple of times actually. We’re all working on our solo projects at the moment but it’s definitely something that’s a possibility.

‘The Arrival EP’ is out now and available to buy from the Slew Dem Bandcamp page for only £1.99 so make sure you click the link below to get your hands on this release now.

Purchase here: Rage & Lexman – The Arrival EP

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