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Morepheus & GBeats – The Plot EP

Morepheus & GBeats - The Plot EP

A couple of days ago we came across an instrumental EP entitled ‘The Plot’ from two producers hailing from Birmingham, who go by the name of Morepheus and GBeats. On the day it was released our timeline on twitter started filling up with retweets of this EP, so we decided to check it out. After listening to the release thoroughly for the past few days we were highly impressed by the quality of these beats on this EP, so thought it was only right that we let you know about it.

Morpheus and GBeats are members of the production crew Fiction SOA which also includes Tantrum, Felix, Wig Splitta and Mr Snowman and have already worked with some Midlands artists such as Lady Leshurr, Invasion Alert and Tezz Kidd. Although now it seems the duo are starting to make a name for themselves further across the country.

The EP contains 7 tracks that take a different approach to music were used to hearing from Grime producers. The two have certainly got their own original sound, that although is Grime also carries a strong Hip Hop feel to them as well as a style that is comparable to the Dubstep producer Joker’s sound.

It’s a strong release overall, however our favourites that we recommend is ‘Lady In Red’,'Fix Em’ and ‘Change’. Download it now from the link below along with a promo mix by DJ Wigsplitta.

Morepheus & G Beats – The Plot EP (Free Download)

DJ Wigsplitta – The Plot EP Promo Mix


Spooky – Allstars EP Out Now

Spooky & Ghost House Present Allstars EP

Grime producer/DJ Spooky aka the ‘Spartan hit-maker’ has released his latest EP on his label Ghost House Records. If you’re into Grime then you know that any time Spooky comes with something new it’s going to be nothing less of a banger. Well this time he’s invited three other producers to feature with him on the release entitled the ‘Allstars EP’, including the likes of Deset, Teeza and Moony.

With the instrumental side of Grime constantly being pushed further, it’s good to see Spooky is collaborating with other talented producers from the scene and pushing their material as well as his own. The EP contains four tracks from each one of the producers mentioned above, starting off with Spooky’s bass-driven ‘I Scream, then moving on to Deset’s banger ‘Crisis, Teeza with the beat ‘Rise of the Gremlinz’ and ‘Music 4 U’ from Moony. We’ve gotta admit there’s not one track on here that doesn’t match up to the rest and for that reason we give this EP full marks.

Purchase from any one of the digital outlets below:

Spooky – Allstars EP (iTunes)

Spooky – Allstars EP (Amazon)

Spooky – Allstars EP (Juno)

Faze Miyake – The Second Six EP

Faze Miyake - The Second Six EP

Last year Faze Miyake earned himself the title of one Grime’s top producers in 2011, now he’s made a return with his latest release ‘The Second Six EP’ to try to achieve the same in 2012. There is no possible way you could have escaped the sound of Faze’s beats last year, with the most memorable being the ‘Take Off’ instrumental, which become the official soundtrack of Lord Of The Mics 3 and possibly the most recognised beat to come out of Grime in 2011.

Luckily though ‘Take Off’ was certainly not a fluke hit, as you will soon be able to tell after listening to this release. The EP contains 6 instrumentals that all carry that trademark sound, we know Faze’s beats best for, on top of dark gritty baselines and hard hitting drum patterns. As well as the ‘Take Off’ refix the EP also includes the hits ‘Tom & Jerry’, ‘Boom’, ‘Milkshake’, Splurt’s instrumental ‘Bang’ and Faze’s remix of this.

Teddy Music – Grime: The Compilation CD Out Now

Teddy Music Presents Grime: The Compilation CD

It was only a month ago we were talking about the release of ‘Wow Bass Level 5′ and already Teddy is back with a brand new CD. This time it’s a vocal compilation that he’s released, that features a collection of tracks that include some of his best instrumentals to date.

Teddy is one producer who’s beats have always been in high demand by the scene, so you can expect features from some of Grime’s top MCs on there including OGz, Trim, Tempa T, Skepta and Ghetts to name just a few. Apart from the well known tracks that this CD contains, there is also four brand new tracks on there from the likes of Dot Rotten, Trim and Tempa T as well as the Newham Generals track ‘Doomed’, which we recently saw the video for.

Purchase from Amazon here:

Teddy Music – Grime: The Compilation CD

1. Grime – Ft Dot Rotten, Ghetts, Lil Nasty & Griminal
2. Modern Warfare – B Live Ft. Newham Generals & Skepta
3. Hot Ones (Ogz Madness) – P Money
4. J.M.E – Jme
5. Hype Ting (Dpmo) – Stutta Ft Mercston, Tinchy Stryder & Ghetts
6. Martian Attack – Guvnor Ft. Scorcher
7. Don’t Run It Up – Lethal Bizzle
8. Salute Me – Ghetts Ft. Badness & Delusion
9. Silencer – Badness
10. Dat – Trim
11. Stratford To Plaistow – Griminal Ft. Tiny
12. Falling In Love – Ironik Ft. Jessica Lowndes (Remix)
13. Confidence – Dot Rotten
14. Barclays Freestyle – Tinchy Stryder
15. We’re Moving Along – Ghetts Ft. Maxsta
16. Gingerbread Man – Skepta
17. My Sperm – Ghetts
18. Over Me – Jme (Remix)
19. Final Lap – Stutta Ft. Ghetts
20. Down With Us – Marcus Beatz, Kozzie & Scrufizzer
21. Spray Dem – Tempa T
22. Doomed – Newham Generals

Top 10 UK Butters Female Artists (Video)

Last week Grime Daily dropped the ‘Top 10 Sexiest Males In Grime & Rap’ video, which saw a panel of females from the music industry including No Lay, Shimmer, Princess Nyah, Baby Blue, Kele Roc, Chams, Chanelle Roundi and Claira Hermet, sit down to discuss which MCs they thought should be in the top 10.

As you can imagine this list didn’t really go down too well and one person who in particular had something to say was Jammer, who then responded with the list ‘Top 10 UK Butters Female Artists’. Now although Jammer explains all this in the video we thought we’d just reinforce the fact that he did not make this video because he didn’t feature in the original list and these are not his own opinions and have instead been voted for by the public.

The Boy Better Know MC then goes on to explain that the moral behind this video is not to judge people unless you are willing to be judged yourself and not to form an opinion on someone based purely on looks.

YouTube Preview Image